End-to-end Product Development

Tailor made projects based on ideas, meaning that there is always solution with best value for developing proof of concept or small patch for market testing or fully developed production solution. Team has done projects in all the different levels and is ready to analyze your idea to find out what is the best fit for your purposes.

Dedicated team to support all technical problems, validate and plan all the milestones. You will receive updates weekly to have clear understanding of the project status.

All in one house: electronics, embedded software and mobile application developers that allow Wazombi team to differentiate by providing smooth development cycle and integration between different technical layers in your product idea.





App development



UX | UI Design
& Animations

Electrical engineering

Electrical Engineering

Our team designs circuit boards utilizing the latest integrated circuit technology. This leading edge technology helps to maximize battery life and creates a seamless operation between the product and user. Collaboration between our designers and engineers allows us to consider the effects the design will have during manufacturing phase at a very early stages. As a result, you benefit from a product that is designed for successful mass production from the outset and take advantage of cost reduction, reduced risks, and a shorter time-to-market.

  • Rapid 3D Prototyping
  • PCB Design and Layout
  • RF Testing
App Development

App Development

iOS and Android apps are often core of Your business that needs to work lightning fast, be user-friendly, reflect your brand and work on all the devices in the world. Our team in Wazombi Labs has developed on mobile since 2005 and has seen it all from 80x120p screens to custom HTTPS stacks and active support to more than 1900 different types of devices. Today we are working on cutting-edge technologies to support all kinds of gadgets and scalability to enormous userbase.

  • iOS and Android SDK
  • Custom Development
  • Cloud and Server Integration
  • User Analytics and In-App Advertising
  • Social Media Integration

Embedded Software

Embedded software in most of today's gadgets involves communication with outside world. Let it be your smartphone, home automation center or directly with you. As a result there is always need to have people from application team to support seamless integration between electronics and mobile application. Our experienced team prides themselves in pushing the limits of current wireless technology to bring the best mix of responsiveness, flexibility and usability to our customers by eliminating the need of tedious integration process from day one

  • Multiple Processor Platforms
  • Over-The-Air Firmware Updates
  • Ultra-low power solutions
  • Bluetooth® Classic and Bluetooth® Smart
  • Wi-Fi™ Communication
  • Security

UX | UI Design and Animations

We understand the importance of user interaction and specialize in crafting unified user experiences that respect your audience while providing effortless usability.

  • Usability Studies
  • Workflow Design
  • Style Guide Development
  • Mock-Up Design
  • Progressive Implementation
  • Animations