Window shades automation has changed

Turn your regular window shades into Smart Shades

Smart Shades is easy to set up and operate via your smartphone. It’s wireless, automatic and remembers your weekly routines, to make your life bright, easy and convenient.

No more expensive installation or buying new curtains, as Smart Shades retrofit to your existing window shades.

How it works

Powered by the sun and easy to install

Smart Shades is a small device that can make any roller-style shades a whole lot smarter.

RISE is powered by beautiful crystalline solar panels, so you don’t have to worry about charging the batteries.

Easy to install
Simple to use

RISE is wireless and easy to use. Simply attach the device to your shades, download the app and you’re ready to go.

Control multiple windows from one mobile app.

Set daily or weekly schedules to automate each room.

Solar powered with built-in lithium battery.

Easy to install and retrofits to your current shades.

Save money on your heating and cooling bills.

Smart Shades app

Control your home from your pocket

Slide your virtual windows on the app screen and watch your curtains come to life.

You can group each room in your home and control them separately.

Wake up with
the sun

Move your blinds up and down, whenever you like, or create automated patterns and schedules for each room.

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Smart Shades features

Save on energy bills

Our Energy-Saving mode uses the Smart Shades light sensor to measure sun activity, raising the blinds when the sun comes up.

Keep your home more secure

Smart Shades can help keep your home more secure. If you’re out, lowering and raising the curtains in a schedule can make it seem like you’re still there.

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