Cloud based IT platform for poultry flock management

Financed by the European Regional Development Fund: 410325,55€
Co-financed by the partners: 120461,05€

With the WeAreDots and other project partners we are building a modular cloud-based IT platform for poultry flock management.

This will be achieved by combining the experience of DOTS and Wazombi and engaging Straupes Ligzda and Linnu Talu – enterprises representative of the average, more typical poultry industry. Both will contribute as the model new system users, assisting with interface requirement identification, validation and testing. Additionally to ensure that the system meets the requirements of two, same sector, but different markets – Poultry Associations will serve as facilitators – they, led by technology partners, will further identify the needs, validate and test the system with their membership. This approach will allow considering different operational models, levels of technology used within the organisations and other specific needs e.g. different species of birds, differences in ways of keeping the birds and other factors.

The built system has high potential of contributing to modernisation of the poultry industry in the programme area, allow better collaboration between the enterprises to take place and by doing this, contribute to opportunities for export competitiveness of the region as well as enable avoiding overproduction in the market.





App development



UX | UI Design
& Animations

As a technical project partner Wazombi will be involved in all technical work packages of the project and will ensure that the User Interface is built to meet the requirements of the defined user experience (UX). To achieve this such processes as prototyping, wireframing, planning will take place leading up to building an interface design. Wazombi will be leading on front-end development of the system being built under the project. The required testing will also be ensured. Additionally visual design, website design will be developed for the website of the project and the system being built, these visual designs will be used also as part of the project dissemination, information and marketing activities.

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